Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Take Two

Hello everyone,
I have totally, totally neglected this blog which I've actually had for ages but I might try (once again) to blog ... I actually have always found writing very 'theraputic' and I love being a bit more personal with you all so hopefully I will finally keep this up! Bare with me, I have no idea how to change backgrounds and make a pretty title so this is going to be really basic for a while, or at least until I get the hang of it all! (Help would be much appreciated haha)
Anyway, what can I tell you guys ... I'm currently sitting watching Jeremy Kyle, with a cup of tea and olive oil in my hair (might make a video on this really amazing 'at home' deep conditioning trick I use) and I just felt like writing. My friend brought over a new Sophie Kinsella book for me to read so I might get on that ... anyway love you guys sorry for rambling :P mwah! xxx