Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Small Cosmetics and Accessories Haul

Hello everyone, for some reason I haven't felt like actually filming a haul so I thought (because I'm trying my hand at blogging) I will write a blogpost on the makeup bits and bobs I've acquired recently. Anyone else feel like every time you go to Boots/Superdrug you end up at the counter having spent practically double what you intended to spend ... no? Okay, well it might just be me haha *looks guilty*. There's also some Topshop items thrown in for good measure ...
Oh and be prepared for a lot of pictures, hope the quality is okay.

Avene is a brand that along with La Roche Posay I always, always feel drawn to when I hop down to Boots. I've tried a few of their products before but nothing has stopped me in my tracks for me to go 'wow'. I have however recently re-purchased their 'Extremely gentle cleanser' due to my extremely (no pun intended) temperamental skin, and also the product above, the 'Skin recovery cream' which claims to calm sensitive and irritated skin ... yes you guessed it, that's what drew me, as it basically sums up my skin at the moment. I was out yesterday buying these things and (some of you might have heard me say this on BlogTV) I had a horrid spot which I'd over dryed (yuck) by the side of my mouth (yuck again) and every time I opened my mouth, boy oh boy did it hurt! So I popped some of this on the dry areas of my skin where acne medication had dried it out, and I woke up this morning to find that the skin there has healed! Hoorah! It's not tight feeling and it's soft to touch ... so my friends I have high hopes!

Next contender is a new lipstick that I had absolutely no intention of buying but am sooo happy I did, and it's 'Peach-stock' from the new MAC, 'MAC me Over' collection. It's a satin finish, but to me it feels more like a creamsheen, which I'm in no way complaining about because they're my fav's :P Now, how can I describe it, it's a peach-y, brown-y ... nude-y ... yeah you get the drift, basically everything I love in a lipstick all into one. It doesn't make you look like a corpse and the peach undertone looks lovely with a warmer eye look.

Nail polish is a weakness of mine, and Topshop, let's face it makes some pretty lovely colours which at £5 to me make 'Toppers' a high contender for best nail polish prize ... more for their unique choice of colours rather than longevity, creamy-ness etc. So I give you 'War Paint' which is given absolutely no justice on the photos above because it's much more neon in the bottle, but on the nail looks more like a delicious watermelon colour.

Back to MAC, (no unfortunately I haven't saved enough items to bag me a free lippie, and yes writing this did make me giggle) I bought an eyeshadow, something that I'd like to say I haven't done in around 6 months ... mainly because I went through a massive phase of asking for eyeshadows from Santa (lol) and then feeling I had everything I needed. So, what made you get 'Texture' you may ask ...

Well, it's an orange-y, warm toned brown with very slight shimmer that caught my eye whilst shopping in Westfield with the lovely Grace from the 'UglyFaceOfBeauty'. My eyes are hazel, which can sometimes look more green or brown depending, but I love it when they pick up an orange/brown tinge, and so bought 'Texture' in the hope that it will enhance this.

I promise next time my blog post will be more organised, but for now we're back to envisaging me standing there 'umming and arring' in Boots at their brush selection. I've never been one for using 'the tools God gave me' ... those being my hands, for makeup application just because I have this weird thing where I think my hands harbour millions of germs and oils, blah blah (I'm not OCD just mentally challenged when it comes to some things) and so I love makeup brushes, but will admit that since the days back in high school where I used to buy brushes from H&M, I have never again bought a 'lower end' makeup brush. What a snob, I know. So back to the subject at hand, the perfect concealer brush is something I have been searching for, and although I've been happily content with my 224 by MAC, it leaves something to be desired. This is where the 'Ecotools deluxe concealer brush' fits in, in the hope that it will fill the void my 224 has left. I still use my 224 don't get me wrong but there's just something a bit 'meh' about it.

I think facial buffers are great, and happen to really dislike facial scrubs, more so because I'd rather skip yet another product that could potentially aggravate my skin, so I love using buffers in conjunction with my cleanser. I am accustomed to buying the one from 'The Body Shop', but Ecotools in boots was on 'Buy one, get one half off' so I bought their facial buffs (two for £2.99). What made me make the plunge is the fact that the buffer has two sides, one more abbrasive and the other gentler.

Not sure if this is translated in the two picutes above, but I used both sides last night and this morning and loved it! I use the rougher side on areas that are acne free, and that were dry (due to over drying acne medication, such as the horrid dry spot described earlier) and it made my skin feel very smooth, and I find it to be less abbrasive than The Body Shop version, maybe because it's made from 'loofah', supposedly a vegetable. The second side I used on my acne areas that I didn't want to be too tough on, and it feels like a soft pillow on your skin it's so soft! So I shall keep you all updated, but again high hopes!

Then we come onto the naughty purchase. All I have to say on the matter is this lipstick has been on my list for a long, long time and I love the packaging... and yes I felt guilt after purchasing. It's the YSL Rouge Volupte in #1 Nude Beige. *Stares at beauty*.

Two rings that made it in my 'basket' are these two. Now, the eye freaks me out but that's why I love it (£5), and the skull one is cute and for £1 couldn't be passed up!

For those who made it this far thank you for reading! Love you lots, xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Week in Pictures

Hello guys, since my blackberry broke and I've started using an I-Phone (3G) I have discovered I love it's camera! So here is a little snippet of pictures that I have accumulated in this past week and a bit. If you guys like it I'll do more posts like this ...

Ikea mirror I liked :)

'Let's get messsyyy' hahahaha, only reason I took this picture. Mature I know.

Harrods at night looks sooo pretty!

The Harrod's Christmas room is ah-mazing!

If you go to ASK this is the best starter, the antipasto :)

Primark has a 'Reduce Box 50p' ... lol

Hope you guys liked this random post, mwah! xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

OOTD 05/09/11

Will start posting pictures along with my youtube videos sometimes, but here is my outfit for today on video!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Received this gorgeous dress from Motel Rocks today called Cillia, and it's really lovely. I like the fact that it's not your average 'black and lace dress' because the nude underneath the lace makes it more special, methinks. I feel really comfortable in it, it's not too dressy and the lace adds just enough of that 'je ne sais quoi'.

Then wearing my black chunky heeled platforms from Primark.
Trying out my first post with pictures so bear with me haha. Let me know what you all think!
Mwah! xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Take Two

Hello everyone,
I have totally, totally neglected this blog which I've actually had for ages but I might try (once again) to blog ... I actually have always found writing very 'theraputic' and I love being a bit more personal with you all so hopefully I will finally keep this up! Bare with me, I have no idea how to change backgrounds and make a pretty title so this is going to be really basic for a while, or at least until I get the hang of it all! (Help would be much appreciated haha)
Anyway, what can I tell you guys ... I'm currently sitting watching Jeremy Kyle, with a cup of tea and olive oil in my hair (might make a video on this really amazing 'at home' deep conditioning trick I use) and I just felt like writing. My friend brought over a new Sophie Kinsella book for me to read so I might get on that ... anyway love you guys sorry for rambling :P mwah! xxx