Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Beginnings ...

My first ever blog post :)
My name is Barbara and I love make-up and clothes ... well let me be honest here shopping in general.
I hope my blog will be an extension of my Youtube channel, I hope you enjoy reading a little about the going on's in my life, and also some more superficial things in which I will be sure to divulge in. Lots of love, Barbara xxx


  1. Hey barbara, good luck with the whole blogging thing. Your one of my faves on youtube. I am gona make a channel of my own pretty soon.

    Please check my blog

  2. I've discovered your youtube videos today, and i have to say you're amazing ! Love your videos !

    Lots of love from France !

  3. I tag you to do the all about me tag!love you lotsxxx

  4. I wish u good luck on ur exams hun, i love u & ur style so much. i watch ur vids since the very first start and ure one of my fave guru ever.


  5. I'm sooo glad you've finally got a blog!! As I don't have a youtube account I've never been able to comment on any of your amazing videos! I love love love your channel, your one of my favourite youtuber.

  6. Hey hunny! I absolutely adore your sense of style and make up choices! Love your youtube vids!
    Welcome to blogspot xxx

  7. Hi Barbara, I just love ur videos on youtube, ur such a great girl:) Hope u are going to write a bit more here? Check out my blog xxx

  8. Hi Barbara,

    Nice to see you writing on you're blog, I also like your videos on youtube too.

    I hope you find time to update you're blog as much as possible.

    Are you on Twitter?


  9. Look forward to seeing more posts from you! welcome to blogger xxxx

  10. Love your youtube channel!
    Your style is so good and you have a great taste for fashion. You did inspire me for a lot of things.


  11. wooo the blog is fab! i have just started a blog too because I didnt want to do youtube. :) so far your blog looks lovely! how did you get the background like that? YOur posts so far are really easy to read, not long drifted and interesting! well done good luck with the blog xxx