Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Week in Pictures

Hello guys, since my blackberry broke and I've started using an I-Phone (3G) I have discovered I love it's camera! So here is a little snippet of pictures that I have accumulated in this past week and a bit. If you guys like it I'll do more posts like this ...

Ikea mirror I liked :)

'Let's get messsyyy' hahahaha, only reason I took this picture. Mature I know.

Harrods at night looks sooo pretty!

The Harrod's Christmas room is ah-mazing!

If you go to ASK this is the best starter, the antipasto :)

Primark has a 'Reduce Box 50p' ... lol

Hope you guys liked this random post, mwah! xxx


  1. I so need to check out harrods! Need to take a trip down to London soon! x

  2. I have that mirror! And I love the blog!!((:xx

  3. Hello, Barbara! I`m so glad you have a blog now. Subscribe already :)

  4. it´s crazy that they already have christmas room! or is it all year long? i´ve never been there..:)

  5. Can anyone tell me how to get this mirror??? I am totally in love with it but it isn't on the Ikea website :((( x

  6. Please update your blog, I love your Youtube channel and would like it so much if you blogged more. I started mine today after taking inspiration from you and Laura (buynowbloglater).

    Please have a look, thank you http://ishinelikejewellery.blogspot.com/

  7. love your work..new subscriber on youtube and addicted and im also half iranian hehe persian love khoshgel tc xox

  8. amazing buys, awesome blog, love your youtube aswell<3

    & your background is AMAZING! :D


  9. I really really really want that mirror would never of thought to look in ikea for it.

    Love your background very on trend.

    Please visit me http://loveallthingspretty.blogspot.com/

  10. barbara! your are my favourite fashion guru and the first fashion/haul youtuber i ever watched, i think you are beautiful and you have inspired a lot of my clothes purchases! i know you are very busy but i would love it if you checked out my blog (ive just started blogging btw) i just love you, i think you are hilarious and i love watching all your videos, lots of love from zara xxxxxxxxxxxx